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Bristol Grove Music Education Center is owned and operated by musicians who are committed to sharing their background and experience with students and customers.  We believe that music studies are an important part of any child’s education.  This often leads to better performance in other areas of academic study as well.  Music programs develop teamwork, teach students how to set goals and to work towards them in a timely fashion.  Public performance also builds up self-confidence and leads to a lifelong love of music.

Bristol Grove Music has an outstanding staff of Music Instructors with considerable experience playing and teaching.  Some of our people have also served in the armed forces or as first responders.  These folks really know their stuff and enjoy sharing their knowledge with the community.  Stop by today and meet our awesome staff and instructors.


Bristol Grove Music is always seeking talented instructors in order to expand their services and music instruction opportunities to our students.  If you’re an instructor interested in partnering with Bristol Grove Music, please contact us to discuss room reservation rates and other opportunities.

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